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NCSL Legislative Video Resource Center

The NCSL Video Resource Center is a collection of recorded webinars accessible for on-demand learning.

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Young and New Professionals Training | Successfully Managing Up

Managing up is the essential skill of working effectively with your boss. And everyone in a legislature manages up: to a direct supervisor, a legislator or a community of stakeholders. Learn what managing up is, why it’s important and strategies for successfully managing up to those around you.

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Young and New Professionals Training | Constituent Service Is Customer Service

As an old business adage goes, “A happy customer tells a friend; an unhappy customer tells the world.” Excellent customer service differentiates good organizations from great ones, and poor customer service can have a lasting and negative impact on any organization. This session will uncover the organizational values of businesses that are best known for their culture of customer service and apply them to the legislative environment. 

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YNP | Be the Change

Working in the legislature can be intense with long hours, looming deadlines and competing priorities. Patrick Sullivan, director of Montana's State Professional Development Center, is an expert on how to prevent this hectic environment from leading to a siloed team. Whether you are a new or veteran staffer, learn more about the context of the inward mindset as it applies to workplace culture and how you can have an impact on the effectiveness of your team.

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The ABCDE Method: A Tool for Maximizing Productivity

Gain one more tool in your productivity toolbox when you hear from renowned NCSL trainer Curt Stedron, as he explains the concept behind and how to use the ABCDE Method to increase not only personal but also office-wide productivity. Then hear from Heather Koszka, capitol office director for California Senator Brian Jones (R), as she explains how she was inspired by Stedron's presentation of the method and how she has adapted and implemented the ABCDE Method on multiple levels in her office.

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Speaking with Authority

Learn to increase self-awareness and personal brand when communicating daily. Whether you are a legislator headed into session or a legislative staffer gearing up for January, we all need to be concise, clear and credible. Ditch those phrases and words that undermine your authority, and replace them with words that have impact making you the expert. Speakers include communications expert Catherine Johns.

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