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NCSL Legislative Video Resource Center

The NCSL Video Resource Center is a collection of recorded webinars accessible for on-demand learning.


Ethical Challenges and Changes After COVID-19

Pandemic disruptions reverberated throughout the legislative world, and the realm of ethics was no exception. What was the pandemic’s impact on ethical laws and principles? Come hear a panel of experts discuss how COVID-19 challenged and changed the ethics environment. Moderator: Megan McClure, LSPA Liaison, NCSL. Speakers: J.J. Gentry, Ethics Counsel, South Carolina Senate and Mark Quiner, Director, Center for Ethics in Government

Remaining Nonpartisan in an Increasingly Partisan Environment

Learn the importance and benefits of nonpartisanship and tools that legislative staff attorneys and other legislative staff can use to remain nonpartisan and maintain professional integrity while satisfying legislators that they are receiving excellent service.