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NCSL Legislative Video Resource Center

The NCSL Video Resource Center is a collection of recorded webinars accessible for on-demand learning.


State-Federal Briefing: Behavioral Health

Behavioral health, which includes mental health and substance use disorders, has emerged as a top priority in the states and across policy topics. The federal government has responded with a wide array of new initiatives and programs across agencies. In this briefing, NCSL staff will make sense of these federal efforts by highlighting what state legislatures need to know and discussing NCSL’s ongoing work to shape federal policy to support state leadership. Key topics will address new behavioral health models including in maternal health, updates on federal behavioral health legislation (SUPPORT Act and STRONGER Act), the behavioral health workforce and new opportunities to fund school-based mental health services through Medicaid.

2024 US Economic Outlook and What it Means for State Budgets and Credit Ratings

The economy continues to defy expectations. The recession economists predicted this time last year never materialized. The job market remains strong, and inflation seems to have stabilized. However, state revenue collections are slowing and the flow of federal stimulus funds to the states is winding down. What does all this mean for state budgets and state credit ratings? Hear Fitch Ratings’ economic forecast for 2024, along with insights on state credit quality and what to watch for in the year ahead.

Easing Access to Menstrual Products: What State Legislators Can Do

States are increasingly passing legislation to ease access to menstrual supplies—from exempting menstrual products from state sales tax to providing no cost supplies at schools, shelters and correctional facilities. The cost of these products can create a barrier to access for many women and girls leading to negative health outcomes and reduced school attendance. Join us for an informative discussion about policy levers available to state lawmakers and learn from states that have passed access bills.

Behavioral Health Parity and State Legislative Efforts

Nearly 1 in 5 Americans experience mental illness each year, and many lack access to necessary services and treatment. State lawmakers are pursuing various policy actions to ensure people have access to affordable mental health care, including enforcing federal behavioral health parity requirements and expanding insurance coverage for behavioral health. This webinar will cover updates to federal coverage requirements and highlight related state actions. 

Ensuring Quality of Care in Long-Term Care Facilities: State Actions and Innovations

States license and oversee an array of facilities offering long-term services and supports to patients. This webinar will highlight state examples of programs and policies that aim to improve care and ensure access in long-term care facilities, including improving state licensing and oversight of ownership structures, addressing workforce shortages and more.