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NCSL Legislative Video Resource Center

The NCSL Video Resource Center is a collection of recorded webinars accessible for on-demand learning.

Transportation and Infrastructure

States in Action: Addressing America’s Traffic Safety Crisis

State legislatures play a critical role in creating laws and programs to address the 40,000-plus deaths that occur annually on American roadways. Join NCSL for an overview of the current state of America’s traffic safety landscape and legislative trends related to impaired and distracted driving, pedestrian and bicyclist safety, automated enforcement, and more.

Tanked: How States Are Looking to Replace Declining Gas Tax Revenue

The steady decline of gas tax revenue due to more electric and fuel-efficient vehicles on American roadways is putting pressure on state transportation budgets. The benefits and challenges of alternative transportation user fees like electric vehicle registration and charging fees, road user charges and managed lanes will all be explored in this webinar.

Beyond Infrastructure: Solutions to Deployment Barriers (Part 2)

Join this webinar to learn more about policy barriers that state broadband offices are facing, including digital equity, broadband adoption and affordability, and learn about solutions states have identified to funding barriers. NCSL gratefully acknowledges The Pew Charitable Trusts for its support of this two-part webinar series.

This is one webinar in a two-part series on Broadband Deployment and BEAD. View the whole series here.

All Aboard: Expanding Passenger Rail Across the Country

The federal government is investing billions of dollars to develop and improve regional passenger rail across the country. Join us for a discussion about how states can successfully secure federal funding and what they can do to encourage the development of local and regional passenger rail and the interconnection it can offer. 

Impaired Behind the Wheel: A State Overview

Impaired driving is an increasingly common and ongoing deadly public health challenge. Join us to learn about the prevalence of this dangerous behavior and legislative actions that states have taken to curb impairment on the road.