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NCSL Legislative Video Resource Center

The NCSL Video Resource Center is a collection of recorded webinars accessible for on-demand learning.


OneNote for the Legislature

This interactive session will introduce Microsoft OneNote and how the digital note-taking app can be useful for legislative work. Legislative staff experts will cover the application of OneNote features and tools to different case studies to demonstrate how to put them into practice. It is recommended that attendees bring a laptop, iPad or other device with OneNote installed. 

Staff Strategies for Strong Data Analytics

Two NLPES officers share their experiences and strategies for staff to ensure high quality data analytics, including the roles and responsibilities of methodologists/data analytics staff and their involvement with project teams.

Speakers: Tyson Cabulagan, Methodologist, Utah, and Anastasia Prokos, Chief of Methodology Unit, Florida

Produced by: NLPES

Training on Use of Social Media

During this program, panelists will share their perspectives and discuss use of social media platforms and other social media-adjacent efforts to further legislation program evaluation functions.

Moderator: Will Soller, deputy legislative auditor, Montana Legislative Audit Division.

Panelists: Mick Bullock, director of public affairs, NCSL, Geneva Johnson, committee administrative assistant, and Suzanna Pratt, research analyst, Washington Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee, Eric Seidle, content editor, and John Harrington, management and program analyst supervisor, Montana Legislative Audit Division and Brad Hoff, recruiting and training manager, and Andy Brienzo, principal auditor, Kansas Legislative Post Audit Division.

Produced by: NLPES

Creating Visually Appealing Reports

This webinar is offered as part of the National Legislative Program Evaluation Society's continuing efforts to provide online training to NLPES members and others. It will be recorded for those who are unable to attend the live meeting.

This webinar is about creating visually appealing and easy-to-read reports. A report 's design should have appeal at first glance and help readers notice what information is available. Why is this important? You may have less than one second to attract and hold users' attention. During this webinar, learn how audit offices have revamped their report designs to make them more visually appealing, useful and easy to read.

Moderator: Lonnie Edgar, deputy director, Mississippi Joint Legislative Committee on Performance Evaluation and Expenditure Review. Speakers: Kade Minchey, auditor general, Utah Office of the Legislative Auditor General title and organization, Emily Martin,committee communications administrative assistant, and Rebecca Connolly, research analyst III, Washington Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee, Rakesh Mohan, director, or Amanda Bartlett, principal evaluator, Idaho Office of Performance Evaluations and Catherine Vale, performance auditor, Arizona Office of the Auditor General.

Produced by: NLPES

Demystifying the Dark Web

Learn about the parts of the internet and how the deep or dark web, while anonymous, is not always used for nefarious purposes.

Produced by: NALIT