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NCSL Legislative Video Resource Center

The NCSL Video Resource Center is a collection of recorded webinars accessible for on-demand learning.

Base Camp

Using Evaluations to Drive Policymaking

The momentum around evaluations continues to build as states adopt legislatively authorized processes. And states are releasing evaluation reports with increasingly high quality, rigorous analysis of incentive programs. Come hear how states are acting upon the results of these findings to inform policymaking.

Pharmacy Benefit Managers: The Rebate Debate

Pharmacy benefit managers negotiate rebates from drug manufacturers for formulary placement. These negotiations, and the role that PBMs play in the supply chain, are requiring more attention from state lawmakers. Learn more about how this industry impacts prescription drug costs, patient health outcomes, and strategies states have pursued.

Looking Beyond a Resume in Hiring

Skills-based assessments in hiring and placement is on the rise in both the public and private sectors. Come learn how skills-based hiring and placement could be implemented in your legislature.

Federal Update: Rapid Fire

Join NCSL's Washington, D.C., staff for a fast-paced update on the farm bill, appropriations, the U.S. Supreme Court and more!

Building Bridges: How to Make the Most of Legislative Communications

Join us to explore the vital relationship between state legislative communications professionals and journalists, focusing on strategies to enhance collaboration and mutual understanding. Hear experienced legislative reporters share valuable insights, perspectives and best practices for effective communication and engagement. Whether you're a communications director, public information officer or a journalist covering state politics, this session is for you!