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NCSL Legislative Video Resource Center

The NCSL Video Resource Center is a collection of recorded webinars accessible for on-demand learning.

Base Camp

Can Civics Education Strengthen Democracy?

Recent polling shows wide bipartisan support for strengthening democracy through civics education in K-12 curriculum and beyond. Hear from national leaders who are calling on states and schools to prioritize this effort and policy solutions for consideration.

The Public Pension Boost to Small-Town America

An influx of public pension dollars offers potential support for many small towns and rural communities that face shrinking populations and growing economic challenges. We'll explore new research measuring the economic impact as retired public employees spend their pension income in thousands of rural counties across the country.

The Future of Federal Student Loans

The Administration has announced a plan to forgive at least $10,000 per borrower, but national student debt is estimated to return to its current level in just four years. Hear experts explore the future of the student loan program and what role student loans should play in financing higher education.

Occupational Licensing: Untapped Talent

There are more than 11 million job openings nationally, but foreign-trained workers are barred from filling many of them because of occupational licensing regulations. As a result of the pandemic, a handful of states have loosened licensing barriers. Hear from an immigration policy expert to learn how states are addressing employment obstacles for skilled immigrant workers.

CONNECT: Creating Exceptional Workplace Relationships

Research shows that employees are happier and more productive when they have strong workplace relationships. But creating effective connections in legislatures can be challenging. Join us to learn how to foster strong relationships at work using strategies from Stanford University's popular Interpersonal Dynamics course and the recently published book, "CONNECT: Building Exceptional Relationships with Family, Friends and Colleagues."