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NCSL Legislative Video Resource Center

The NCSL Video Resource Center is a collection of recorded webinars accessible for on-demand learning.

Crisis Communications: Best Practices for the Worst Times

Global pandemic, protests and incident response: The year 2020 revealed the value of preparing for a crisis. And for those who must communicate during crises—whether internal or external—it helps to plan ahead. Explore the elements of a solid crisis communications plan, including best practices for when and how to gather and deliver accurate information during challenging situations, complete with real-world examples faced by the Washington Legislature.

Produced by: LINCS

Managing, Leading and Growing During Uncertain Times

Strong leadership skills, agile management techniques and ongoing self-care are a few essentials legislative staff need to navigate times of crisis. Speakers include Dr. Melissa Furman.

Produced by: LSCC

State Military and Veterans Affairs: From Benefits to Land Use

States pay for and manage a variety of programs to serve military veterans, active-duty service members and military families. Learn about state benefits and services to veterans and the ways states help connect veterans to federal resources. Areas addressed include employment, mental health services, education, housing and veterans’ treatment courts. Learn about efforts to minimize land use conflicts and encroachment around bases and state military structures, including Adjutants General, state military commissions and the National Guard. Speakers are Jim Reed and Jennifer Schultz, NCSL.

Returning to Work: What Legislative Human Resources Need to Know

State capitols are not only “the people’s house,” they are vibrant, busy workplaces for legislators and staff. But in the age of COVID-19, physically working under the dome can require operating under often-evolving guidance, protocols or rules. Sean Sullivan, chief human resources officer for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), gives guidance and shares insights about what human resources professionals and legislative decision-makers need to know to successfully help employees, public officials and others return, or continue to operate in, their workplaces.

Policing Policy Trends Balancing Accountability and Safety

Improving police accountability is a top priority in legislatures across the country. Deaths and other confrontations involving law enforcement continue to drive national conversations about policy and promote review of current state and local laws. Learn about the policies being addressed in statehouses across the country and in Congress. Speakers include Susan Frederick and Amber Widgery, NCSL.