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NCSL Legislative Video Resource Center

The NCSL Video Resource Center is a collection of recorded webinars accessible for on-demand learning.

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Legislative Research Librarians - Records Retention Information Sharing Call

Legislative librarians and library staff discuss several important questions related to records management and retention! We also intend to explore how collaboration platforms like Teams fit into the records management landscape, particularly regarding channels, chats, and policies that ensure records taken off-site for remote work are properly accounted for.

Produced by: LRL

Legislative Research Librarians - Mason’s Manual Webinar

Hear from the 2030 Mason’s Manual Commission about Mason’s Manual, how to access and best practices for conducting research! Everyone is encouraged to come with questions or case studies and be prepared to share your own ideas, experiences and tips with your peers. Here are the designated topics to be covered.

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LRL | Keep Calm and Google On, or Hacking a Search Engine and Other Nifty Ways To Save Time

For sheer magnitude and breadth of information at its disposal, search engines such as Google can challenge any database. Breadth and magnitude of results, however, do not always lend themselves to speedy and precise searching. Explore advanced Google operators through discussion and example and learn to hack a Google URL in order to send customized advanced Google searches to others.

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De-escalation Techniques for the Legislature

Dan Billings, who has spent 27 years investigating, researching, mitigating and teaching topics on workplace violence, teaches how to focus on de-escalation techniques to consider when dealing with potentially violent people you may encounter within and outside the legislature.

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Public Service in Difficult Times

The public sector, legislatures included, has faced intense criticism and scarce resources for many years now. However, there are techniques available to public employees to not only cope with these challenges but to thrive. Explore various ways in which legislative staff can expand their capacity and practice self-care in challenging times. The key is to transform our mindset from one that is in “survival mode” to one that seeks ways to be helpful and solution oriented.

Produced by: LRL