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NCSL Legislative Video Resource Center

The NCSL Video Resource Center is a collection of recorded webinars accessible for on-demand learning.

New Drafter Training | What Does that Mean? Crafting and Using Definitions in Statutes

New to legislative drafting? Explore the topic of using definitions in statutes.

Produced by: RELACS

Remaining Nonpartisan in an Increasingly Partisan Environment

Learn the importance and benefits of nonpartisanship and tools that legislative staff attorneys and other legislative staff can use to remain nonpartisan and maintain professional integrity while satisfying legislators that they are receiving excellent service.

Making Readers Care About Your Writing

All legislative staff—whether experienced or interns, clerical, legal or IT—will benefit by learning how to use an opening hook to get readers invested in a topic, develop information based on the readers’ questions about the issue, and present that information professionally but “conversationally” in a way that’s most efficient and compelling for readers.

Produced by: LSCC

Tools for Management Coaching

Legislative staff who supervise others will learn from this intro to coaching and the tools for shifting the focus of interactions with others.

Produced by: LSCC

The Power of Podcasting

Cutting through the noise to reach constituents can be challenging. As technology continues to transform how we communicate, podcasts have exploded onto the scene as a great tool for engaging audiences. Learn best practices for podcasting, from how to decide on topics and conduct interviews to the nuts and bolts of equipment and software.

Produced by: LINCS